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    According to the environmental policy "scientific management, all staff participation, pollution prevention, development of environmental protection with Dynamic" and insisting in the safe production policy "people oriented, beforehand preventing", the company has continuously promoted the staff's safety and environmental protection awareness, has actively carried out the hidden danger check and treatment work, has established and perfected all kinds of standing books and facilities, and has comprehensively built the good atmosphere of safety and harmony.

    The company has prepared and compiled Environmental Protection Management System, including ten chapters of Environmental Protection Duties, Corporate General Rules on Environmental Protection Management, Environmental Management system on Production Unit, Environmental Protection Education and Training System, Pollution Accident Management System, Waste Water Treatment Unit Operation Management System, Management System on Environmental Protection Facilities, Waste Water Delivery Management System and Environment Monitoring Management System. It has prepared the Waste Management System, Production Management System and Equipment Management System. According to the requirements on the environmental pollution emergency treatment, it has compiled Emergency Rescue Plan for Emergent Environmental Pollution Accidents, Emergency Plan for Environmental Risk Accidents and Summary of Hazardous Chemicals and Its MSDS. And it has modified the technological procedures and operation methods of all kinds of products as well as the emergency treatment plant for accidents in the unit.

    In recent years, our company has increased the strength of investment in safety and environmental protection and has continuously improved the environmental protection treatment facilities. It has invested more than RMB 100 million to complete the 2 river water preprocessing units, 2 circulating water stations, 4 sets of SBR sewage treatment tanks, 3 sets of water dust scrubbers, 2 sets of process water concentration kettles, 2 sets of steam condensation recovery systems, a set of COD online monitor, a set of online flow instrument, 2 sets of sewage nanotube units, and other multiple environmental treatment facilities including the sewer transformation, diverting wastewater from clean water, rain and sewage diversion, greening, solid waste treatment and noise treatment. According to the review of MWH Environmental Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (MWH), the environmental compliance level that our company has reached at least be the same as that of the similar plants administered overseas. The company passed ISO14001 environmental system certification organized by CQC Jiangsu Review Center in 2003.

    Our company will insist in the idea of taking the end as the beginning and make our unremitting efforts to construct the resource-saving and environment-friendly society.


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