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  • Jiangsu Dynamic Chemical Co., Ltd.
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    About us  
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    Jiangsu Dynamic Chemical Co., Ltd. is a joint venture enterprise restructured from Dynamic (Nanjing) International Co., Ltd. as a whole. Its wholly-owned subsidiary corporations are Jiangsu Tianyin Chemical Co., Ltd., Dynamic Chemical Binhai Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Tianyin Chemical Shanghai Co., Ltd., Tianyin Chemical Commerce and Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Dynamic (Hong Kong) Industrial Co., Ltd.

    The company specializes in researching and manufacturing chemical new materials and fine chemicals. It mainly manufactures and operates hundreds of products such as ethylene oxide, E series and P series glycol ether and acetic ester, high-purity electronic grade chemical series, double alkyl-capped polyether series, water-based coalescing agents series, methylallyl alcohol and polycarboxylic acid concrete water reducing agent macromonomer, crystalline silicon cutting fluid, environment- friendly plasticizers, chemical fiber oil and surface active agent series, high-performing automobile brake fluid boric acid ester series, organic/medical intermediate etc., which are used in a variety of fields, such as painting, electronic engineering, semiconductor, solar energy, printing ink, cleaning agent, chemical fiber, textile manufacturing, rubber, oil refining, chemical fertilizer, medicine, pesticide, printing and dyeing and automobile etc.

    The company lays emphasis on researching and developing fine chemicals with high technology and has established his own research and development center, possessing 19 patents and numerous proprietary intellectual property rights, most of which are covered in the Torch Plan.

    Based on the principle of sustainable development, the company continues to increase investments in security, energy conservation and environmental protection and implements green manufacturing with three manufacturing bases approved by ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System as well as safety standardization etc. in succession.

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